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Our Promise for Smooth Software Deployment

Maximum support during roll-out

The introduction of eGECKO is as smooth as possible. During software installation, set-up and go-live, we accompany you with every step of the way. You can choose from various types of deployment.

Introduction of eGECKO

  • Installation types
    • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • OnPromise
    • Cloud
    • Hybrid operation
  • eGECKO App as an add-on
  • Support of the conversion / introduction
  • Support with the migration of previous data

Operation without interfaces

The all-in-one solution eGECKO is easy to maintain in operation. Interfaces and their maintenance as well as the import and export of data are largely things of the past. This relieves your IT. We also provide you with regular updates.

These are your advantages

  • in cloud operation
    • German data centers
    • access protection
  • 24/7 access to your data
  • scalable to required performance

maintenance-friendly, resource-saving

Our business software minimises your maintenance effort. Instead of a wild mix of solutions, your IT only needs to keep one system running. No matter which type of installation you choose. It will save your resources.

This is how we reduce your maintenance effort

  • in cloud operation
    • Data backup through backup function
    • Fast recovery in the event of an error
    • No purchase & maintenance of hardware
  • Support from our specialists in case of emergency
  • Update Service
  • Resource-saving through modern technologies



More security for users

We participate in the Cloud Services Made in Germany initiative, which aims to provide users with more legal certainty when using cloud-based services. As a member of the initiative, we meet the following requirements:

  • We were founded in Germany and have our head office there
  • We conclude contracts with Service Level Agreements (SLA) according to German law
  • The place of jurisdiction is in Germany
  • We offer local, German-speaking service and customer support

That's why eGECKO makes your IT happy

eGECKO not only makes the users' work easier. The fully integrated all-in-one solution replaces a whole bundle of tools, relieving your company's IT department of multiple tasks.

eGECKO Buchhaltung: All-in-One

All-in-one solution

Interfaces and their maintenance are a thing of the past.

High security

We rely on German data centers for cloud operation.


IT has to take care of system maintenance only.

eGECKO Buchhaltung: Unternehmensweit


Multiple tasks are eliminated, our support always assists you.


IT and data protection hand in hand

eGECKO offers your users a basis for data protection-compliant work. This also includes the possibility to carry out information requests, deletions and transfers quickly and securely.


Privacy by design
and privacy by default

eGECKO allows you to work with data protection-compliance ex works. Further data protection settings can be made by the users. 

Requirements according to the General Data Protection Regulation

The requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation as well as your own individual requirements can be dealt with quickly and conveniently. 

Made and Hosted
in Germany

Use SaaS without hesitation on our servers with the highest security and access standards.

Our options for software deployment

eGECKO is flexible and adaptable and will also find a home in individual IT structures. You decide how this should be done.

SaaS: The eGECKO Cloud

SaaS is the first choice if you desire perfect access options and at the same time want to work in a resource-saving way: You do not need hardware or your own IT resources, but can access eGECKO conveniently from anywhere and any time via a secure connection using a web browser.

Hybrid eGECKO Cloud

Our Hybrid Cloud combines the advantages of an on premise installation with those of the private cloud. This allows sensitive accounting data to be managed in a local installation, while HR is hosted in the cloud.

OnPremise: Everything in your hands

Of course, you also have the option of operating eGECKO within your given IT infrastructure on internal or externally rented servers. This means you retain full control and responsibility.

Presentation of our unique software architecture

You advantages at a glance: One database, numerous deployment methods and exceptional connectivity make it easy for both IT and the user.

softwarearchitektur-egecko (1)

Introduction of accounting & controlling in 6 months

LOWA sports shoes

After the supplier of outdoor shoes decided to introduce eGECKO in July 2014, the complete system went into real-time operation just six months later - including a three-month implementation and two-month training phase - on January 1, 2015.


Rollout of a complete system in just one year

Hellabrunn Zoo

Being able to map the special features and workflows of different work areas in a single software solution is essential for Hellabrunn Zoo. That's why the Munich Geo-Zoo relies on eGECKO. With the complete business solution, all requirements in the HR area as well as in financial accounting and controlling are implemented efficiently and comprehensively.


Easy integration

During the introduction of eGECKO, CSS AG guarantees maximum security and efficiency. Our project management accompanies the project through all phases.

Things to know about software deployment

Software deployment refers to all processes that are involved in making a software product available for use. This includes migration of legacy data, installation, testing, customising and updates. The advantage is that the process is error-free and time-saving due to software deployment.

CSS AG's system support first contacts your IT, then the requirements are discussed with you: What is already available in your system, what is still needed? Then the database and software are installed. Once this has been done, the actual project begins: Now we discuss which of your legacy data should be transferred.

Our German data center operator is equipped with the highest physical security and efficient building and energy management. Direct glass fibre connections to the German internet node ensure fast and reliable connections.

The data center is subject to German law, which gives you security, especially in the area of data protection. It has undergone TÜV-certified data protection and IT security audits and is continuously audited in accordance with the BDSG. 24/7 guarding of the data center, access controls and separation systems also contribute to the security concept.

There are various ways to provide software to the customer. One option is hardware-based deployment via on-premise. Another one is Saas (Software as a Service) deployment, i.e. cloud-based.

If you wish, you will be trained with regard to updates when the software is installed. If you do not want this, updates can be carried out via CSS AG.

Access with SaaS is optimal: You access eGECKO via an Internet-capable end device using a web browser over a secure connection.