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With eGECKO Business Software all Commercial Processes Are in Flow

eGECKO enables the perfect interaction of all business departments and employees of your company. You complete all your tasks in one tool by means of data that is always up-to-date and available to all users. In this way, you generate new data to which all users have immediate access.


Automated accounting in real time

eGECKO frees your accounting from tedious, recurring, manual and error-prone tasks. You digitalize processes and vouchers without delay. The software automatically triggers postings and generates reports. Live data enables reliable planning.


HR all-purpose tool

Relaxed recruiting, continuous and central data maintenance by means of digital personnel files, fast and faultless payroll accounting, targeted talent development: eGECKO optimises all processes in HR and accompanies employees from their application to their last day of work.


Payroll as it should be

Absolutely reliable, with minimum effort and blazingly fast: Payroll with eGECKO is highly precise thanks to full integration in human resources and particularly convenient for your payroll accounting almost taking care of itself.


Most efficient controlling

Controllers have more important work to do than constantly searching for data. eGECKO takes care of that. In the data warehouse, your controlling department finds all data from all departments of your company. Based on them, they create complex analyses and reports and control the company efficiently.


Agile and intelligent management

With eGECKO your management makes the best decisions. Thanks to BI, forecasts, well-founded assessments and relevant key figures, all options are on the decision-makers' desks any time.


Win customers with a sales boost

Our all-in-one solution eGECKO automatically assigns leads to sales opportunities. It reminds your sales staff of tasks and deadlines. Leads can be quickly converted into customers. In addition, your sales team has an overview of the status of each campaign any time.


Relief for every IT

Maintaining multiple systems and managing a bundle of interfaces: With our all-in-one solution, both tasks are largely dropped. eGECKO relieves your IT. In addition, our support is always at your side during installation, setting, go-live and beyond.

Act Internationally with eGECKO

eGECKO not only unites all commercial areas of a company. The business software also links the processes of
the various branches of internationally operating groups.


With eGECKO you control your entire international enterprise. You manage master data centrally and make inter-company postings. You can also carry out analyses across several instances.

Our business software covers all specific legal requirements of the countries you do business in and where your branches are located. The all-in-one solution offers numerous localised country versions.

All employees in your company work with the same database, which is always up-to-date. Regardless of which of your branches they work in. There will be no inconsistencies.

In our fully integrated all-in-one solution, you work with all current foreign payment formats. In addition, vouchers, company currency and group currency can be managed in parallel.

For each major release, we provide translations in many common languages. These include English, Spanish and French. We also provide updates in other languages if required.

Data protection is a matter of course

With eGECKO, all users within your company work in compliance with data protection regulations. Information
requests, deletion and portability are among the basic functions of our software and are can be performed quickly
and securely.

warum-egecko-privacy (1)

Privacy by design und
privacy by default

eGECKO works in a data protection-compliant manner by default; users can also make further settings to protect their data.
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Requirements for the General Data Protection Regulation

With the help of our software, you can comply with all the requirements of the GDPR quickly and consider individual requirements.
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Made and Hosted
in Germany

Our servers meet the highest security standards. They are access-proof and data protection-compliant.

Everything under control with ICS

Are you looking for protection against liability risks? eGECKO offers you an integrated internal control system (ICS) that covers all the required accounting principles.

Wide-ranging: Our service and support

We want to enable our customers to use eGECKO comfortably and completely. Therefore we offer you a wide range
of services and support. This includes fast and uncomplicated updates, training, assistance and up-to-date information.


CSS Portal: The central contact point

The CSS Portal is the central contact point for our users. Among other things, we provide updates there.

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Our academy: Making the most of eGECKO

With the help of the training courses in our academy, users get the most out of eGECKO.

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Support: Help in many ways

Support contacts for each of our solutions assist you by phone, e-mail, TeamViewer or ticket system.

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Blog: Trends and legal changes

On our blog we inform you about trends in business sectors and changes in the legal situation.

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Things to Know about Business Software

What is business software and what advantages does it offer?

The term business software is a term that can best be explained with enterprise software. In principle, the term covers all applications used by companies to achieve their business purpose, increase their own productivity and secure their competitiveness in the long term. eGECKO is a commercial business software that is used in Accounting, Finance, Sales, Business Planning and many other departments. As an all-in-one commercial solution, eGECKO can digitally map almost all of a company's business processes. 

eGECKO is commercial business software that is used in accounting, finance, sales, corporate planning and many other departments. As a complete commercial solution, eGECKO can digitally map almost all of a company's business processes.

What tasks does business software support me with?

The range of application of business software is very wide. Simple word processing programmes or spreadsheet tables come under the term business software just like comprehensive ERP systems. eGECKO, for example, is a commercial business software that is used in all administrative and selected operational areas. In Accounting, your business workflows are standardised, and the software also meets the rapidly increasing requirements of banks, auditors and other authorities at the push of a button. In Controlling, you benefit from fast and direct access to all company-relevant data and individual reports for your well-founded business decisions. In Human Resources, you streamline your routine processes and strengthen your employees' data transparently and precisely. 

In accounting, your commercial workflows are standardized, and the software also meets the rapidly increasing requirements of banks, auditors and other authorities at the touch of a button. In controlling, you benefit from quick and direct access to all company-relevant data and individual evaluations for your well-founded business decisions. In human resources, you streamline your routine processes and strengthen the data of your employees transparently and precisely.

All-in-one: Do you need everything from a single source?

If you want to optimally map all business processes, an all-in-one solution is the best choice. The big advantage over the special solutions is the central data basis, which enables working without media breaks. Every employee works with the same source data within one application; this increases the productivity of the entire business administration. Even a full consolidation is easily possible on an ad-hoc basis. 

For which sectors and company sizes is eGECKO business software suitable?

eGECKO, the business software for ambitious SMEs, can map all business processes in companies of different dimensions and sectors. Ideally, eGECKO is used in companies on a growth course (200 employees and more). There are almost no upper limits, because eGECKO is also used in international groups that consolidate all their foreign subsidiaries via eGECKO.