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eGECKO Management Software for Sound

Judge situations

eGECKO keeps all relevant key figures of your company available any time. The business software navigates you through the wealth of information. You recognise critical developments at an early stage and can judge your situation objectively.

Always an eye on everything

  • Individual dashboards
  • Live data from the system
  • Key figures across the company
  • BI to support reporting and planning

Steer your company without delay

On the basis of live data, you steer your company without delay. You adjust budget plans and target values directly. Analysing, checking, controlling: With eGECKO it is done in no time at all.

Implement plans directly

  • Budget planning
  • Resource and personnel planning
  • Multi-dimensional business planning

Make the best decisions

Thanks to our software, you have all options to act on your table in real time. eGECKO provides you with BI, forecasts, well-founded assessments and all data of your company. On this basis, you make the best possible decisions.

Knowing all options

  • Creating plan variants
  • BI and forecasts

How top managers benefits from software

For well-founded strategic decisions, top management needs valid data. eGECKO delivers it easily. Thanks to the full integration and the unique data storage, the best possible data material is always available to the management in real time - and optimally prepared via customisable reports and dashboards.

eGECKO Buchhaltung: All-in-One


Providing a variety of tools to solve all management tasks.


Further eGECKO modules and interfaces can be easily integrated.


Managers can set up their dashboards individually.

eGECKO Buchhaltung: Unternehmensweit

All over the company

Company-wide management thanks to access to a central database.


Easy integration

During the introduction of eGECKO, CSS AG guarantees maximum security and efficiency. Our project management accompanies the project through all phases.


Things to Know about Management Software

Why does management need software?

Management software integrates business-relevant business information that management uses for strategic planning and decision-making. It is the task of the software to display all actual information of the entire company activity using key figures (KPI) and visual evaluations.

Rights management is also an elementary part of management software to ensure that selected users such as the board of directors, commercial management or department heads have access to the data. Business intelligence tools such as our BI Cube make it particularly easy for users to evaluate the data as they wish and to draw valuable conclusions.

In summary, management software is the starting point for creating business and market forecasts.

Zusammen­gefasst ist eine Management Software der Aus­gangs­punkt für die Erstellung von Geschäfts- und Markt­prognosen. 

What is the difference between management and controlling?

While all company-relevant figures are presented in controlling to create transparency, management is concerned with making strategic decisions on the basis of these figures. Both management and controlling benefit from the best possible data quality, which a fully integrated business software can provide. Thanks to good data material, the controller can distinguish himself as a sparring partner for the management, while the latter can make well-founded, data-based decisions for strategic positioning of the company and thus for the benefit of all. 

Thanks to good data material, the controller distinguishes himself as a sparring partner for the management, while the latter can make well-founded, data-based decisions on the strategic company orientation and thus for the benefit of all.

How can my company benefit from management software?

With management software, you have a key figure system for the needs-based preparation of your business figures. This means that it ensures clarity on the one hand and transparency on the other. By providing all key figures, various development scenarios can be run through, which creates a valuable basis for personnel and financial planning as well as for important company decisions.