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eGECKO HR Software for Smooth Personnel Work

Relaxed recruiting without media break

With eGECKO you can find suitable employees without stress. The software maps the entire application process without media discontinuity. You always have an overview of the current status and the candidates' data is available to the recruiters any time.

Recruiting all of a piece

  • Applicant management
  • Onboarding

Digital personnel file

All data on new colleagues ends up directly in the digital personnel files. Employees update these files on their own. The personnel data is continuously maintained in eGECKO, right up to the last working day. Controlling and accounting also have access to it.

Permanent, central data maintenance

  • Digital personnel file
  • Employee self service
  • Attendance recording

Payroll - a piece of a cake

Access to always up-to-date, valid and centrally managed personnel data speeds up payroll accounting. In addition, eGECKO creates all relevant payroll documents automatically. Manual, recurring tasks are history now.

Simple, secure payroll accounting

  • Remuneration
  • Travel management

Sustainable employee development

Thanks to the eGECKO database, you know the skills, potential and deficits of your employees. You can promote them in a targeted manner - e.g with suitable vocational training - and employ them according to their talents.

Recognise and develop potential

  • Skill management
  • Seminar management

What makes our HR software so special

With eGECKO, the entire HR team works on the basis of a database always up-to-date. Users of the accounting and controlling module of the all-in-one solution also have access to all centrally maintained employee data any time.

eGECKO Buchhaltung: All-in-One


eGECKO combines all HR tasks in one software solution and enables work without media break.


All applicant and employee data is stored in a central digital database.


With the help of data, you can analyse your application process and the potential of your employees.



Thanks to analyses, you can improve the recruiting of new employees and the development of all colleagues.


Easy integration

During the introduction of eGECKO, CSS AG guarantees maximum security and efficiency. Our project management accompanies the project through all phases.

Things to Know about HR Software

What is HR Software?

HR Software is a digital application that helps companies manage employee data. This includes all information about employees, such as name, address, contact details, salary, holiday balance, attendance list, performance assessments, etc. The aim is to optimise HR processes and make them more efficient. 

How does HR Software support your company?

HR software digitalizes all your HR processes so that you no longer have to do time-consuming routine work manually. The resulting time savings allow you to work more efficiently and focus on important HR work.

Which areas should HR Software cover?

HR Software should offer a 360-degree solution and thus cover the following areas: Wage & salary, HR management including digital employee files, personnel time management, applicant management, skill management and travel management. You should be able to map the entire employee life cycle with the HR software - from application to retirement. 

The various providers are also billed separately, which can lead to opaque contractual situations. However, if the tools are linked to each other via interfaces, system updates and upgrades are the biggest problem. It cannot be guaranteed that existing interfaces will remain functional with new software versions.

We therefore recommend using HR software as a 360-degree solution, free of interfaces and media breaks, which seamlessly maps all user needs with a consistent rights and master data concept. With eGECKO we offer a fully integrated HR software that combines wages and salaries, personnel management and digital personnel files, time recording, applicant management and many other modular functions. With eGECKO it is no problem to map the entire employee life cycle - from application to retirement.

How can HR Software help you with the issue of skill shortage?

The lack of skilled workers is one of the biggest challenges for companies today. For this reason, HR departments are increasingly turning to technology in their search for new talent. The involved process optimisation eliminates time-consuming routine tasks - so your processes run faster and smoother. With optimised processes in recruiting and applicant management as well as in skill and seminar management, you can find talent faster - either externally or internally. Moreover, the efficiency of your processes increases. This in turn has a positive effect on your employer brand, for example; and as a result, applicants are more likely to decide for you. 

You can find talent faster – either externally or internally – with optimized processes in recruiting and applicant management as well as in skill and seminar management. In addition, the efficiency of your processes increases. This in turn has positive effects on your employer brand, for example - as a result, applicants are more likely to choose you.

What advantages do employees have with HR Software?

Employees benefit from numerous advantages when using HR software. From retrieving earnings statements, to changing master data, to the personnel file, all processes can be digitally controlled by the employees themselves. They can also record their attendances and absences themselves via mobile devices or terminals and manage holidays digitally. Moreover, employees have the possibility to manage their travel management themselves - from application to approval and travel expense accounting. Furthermore, employees can enter their skills and register themselves for training courses in the skill and seminar management system.

In addition, employees have the option of managing their travel management themselves - from the application through approval to the settlement of their travel expenses. In addition, it is possible for employees to enter their competencies and book themselves into skills and seminar management for training courses.

How is data protection ensured within HR software?

Since 25 May 2018, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) has also applied in Germany. HR software must be GDPR-compliant in all respects. All software-relevant legal provisions on data protection must be implemented - information (Art. 15 GDPR), correction (Art. 16 GDPR), deletion (Art. 17 GDPR), restriction of processing (Art. 18 GDPR) and data portability (Art. 20 GDPR).