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eGECKO Accounting Software for Ambitious SMEs

Simply digitalize processes

digitalize your processes with eGECKO in the blink of an eye and automatically. All generated data is available ad-hoc - even beyond the accounting system. No more error-prone copying and typing.

Effective voucher processing

  • Voucher recording with AI-supported OCR
  • Digital integration center
  • Purchase invoice workflow
  • Donation management

Trigger postings automatically

eGECKO scans recorded and transmitted vouchers. Then our accounting software automatically triggers postings on the basis of pre-defined parameters. This reduces your manual effort and saves time.

Complete accounting

  • Financial Accounting
  • Digital Cash Book
  • Asset Accounting
  • Payables and Receivables Accounting

Generate reports without effort

Once the business year is over, the reporting season beckons. Creating a balance sheet, or a profit and loss statement, compiling documents for your tax consultant: eGECKO does that work for you - accessing the central database.

Have it all under control

  • E-balance
  • Tax consultant access and DATEV interface
  • Contract management

Perfect planning based on live data

With the eGECKO live data, everything you need for reliable and goal-oriented planning is always available to you. Get an overview with just a few clicks. You can check and evaluate taxes just as easily and quickly.

Efficient planning and control

  • Group management
  • Credit standing register
  • Generating reports and analyses

Why choose eGECKO for your accounting?

eGECKO is a fully integrated all-in-one solution. It covers all relevant accounting tasks. The entire team works with the same database, which can also be accessed by other departments of your company such as HR or controlling. This means that the entire company has always access to valid data in real time.

eGECKO Buchhaltung: All-in-One


Providing a variety of tools to solve all accounting tasks.


If required, easy extension to include Human Resources and Controlling.


Adaptation to your company's specific processes any time.

eGECKO Buchhaltung: Unternehmensweit

All over the company

Central, comprehensive use regardless of the company structure.


Things to Know about Accounting Software

What is accounting software?

Accounting software is a digital application that helps you manage your business finances. It helps companies track expenses, sales and other financial information. The software also allows for easy reporting and data analysis. Routine work can be done quickly and easily.

What should accounting software be able to do?

The tasks in accounting are diverse and go beyond the classic dunning, paying and posting. The most important functions of an accounting software include:

  • Financial Accounting: Handling of commercial business processes
  • Asset Accounting: Transparency through integrated asset accounting
  • Group management: individual mapping of hierarchical group structures for convenient consolidation
  • Contract Management: Overview of all contracts and respective contract data
  • purchase invoice workflow: Digitalization of documents for a secure workflow according to the GoBD principles as well as acceleration of internal processes
  • Document Archive: Structured storage of documents for quick and convenient access
  • E-Balance: Electronic and secure transmission of the balance sheet to the tax authorities without restructuring current charts of accounts.

Why do you need accounting software?

According to § 238 of the Commercial Code, every merchant is obliged to keep books and to make his business transactions evident in them and the situation of his assets in accordance with the principles of proper bookkeeping. The bookkeeping must be such that it can provide an expert third party with an overview of the business transactions and the situation of the enterprise within a reasonable period of time.

The business transactions must be traceable in their origin and processing. The merchant is obliged to retain a reproduction of the dispatched business letters (copy, print, transcript or other reproduction of the wording on a written, visual or other data carrier) that corresponds to the original.

What is the difference between bookkeeping and accounting?

Bookkeeping and accounting are sometimes used synonymously. However, bookkeeping is only one part of the wider range of accounting. While book-keeping involves the recording of transactions and thus more administrative activities, accounting uses this data for analytical purposes. Thus, bookkeeping purely serves for external accounting, while controlling is part of internal accounting. eGECKO fully integrates all these areas as bookkeeping software, accounting software or as a complete controlling system. 

Bookkeeping is therefore purely for external accounting, while controlling is part of internal accounting. eGECKO fully integrates all areas as bookkeeping software, accounting software or as a complete controlling system.

What is the difference between accounting and financial accounting?

Financial accounting, short FINA, is understood to be a sub-area of accounting. Financial accounting is the systematic recording, measuring, analysis and communication of information about an organisation's finances. This includes the preparation of financial statements that provide information about assets, liabilities, income, expenses, changes in equity capital and cash flows in the course of time.