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eGECKO Sales Software to Increase Your Sales Success

Overview of all interactions

With which lead have I already been in contact - and in what way? E-Mail? Meeting? First consultation? Thanks to the eGECKO CRM database, you and your colleagues always know what's going on. There you can quickly collect and retrieve all data digitally.

Functions for efficient interaction

  • Lead/contact management
  • Permission marketing
  • Activity history
  • TAPI & Skype connection
  • Ticket system

Automation in sales

Don't give away lead potential. eGECKO automatically assigns leads to sales opportunities. It also reminds you of appointments, tasks and calls.

This is where automation comes in

  • Allocation and assignment (sales areas)
  • Sales opportunities & status
  • Reminders
  • Work flows
  • Data linking

Full control in sales management

With our CRM software, you can convert leads into customers in no time and create new offers quickly. You can also manage sales campaigns easily. Thanks to numerous management functions, you have everything under control.

You can do this in no time at all

  • Offers & orders
  • View invoices
  • Campaigns
  • Cost and budget planning

Generate reports easily

Often several sales campaigns run in parallel. In eGECKO you can create reports with just a few clicks that tell you: This is the current status of the campaigns. And it is just as easy to receive quarterly reports and overviews with open sales opportunities.

Tools for your reports

  • Visit and campaign reports
  • Recording of transactions

Advantages of our sales software

In our sales software, you manage all relevant sales contacts, always execute orders perfectly and have sales opportunities and customer requests on your screen any time. Furthermore, thanks to its unique architecture, the sales software is fully integrated into the business administration, which means that interdisciplinary cooperation is realised without interfaces.

eGECKO Buchhaltung: All-in-One

Fully integrated all-in-one solution

eGECKO supports sales in all processes and offers numerous useful tools.

Cooperation is no problem

The entire sales team works with the same database and can thus cooperate optimally.


eGECKO can be adapted to your needs and extended with additional modules as required.

eGECKO Buchhaltung: Unternehmensweit

All over the company

Employees from all company departments can use eGECKO and access the data.


Cooperation between sales and administration without interfaces

Probably the greatest advantage of our sales software is the 100% integration into all business processes. Access to data from financial accounting, project controlling or sales is possible directly from the sales software and of course vice versa, without interfaces or media breaks.


About Sales Software

Sales software is a digital solution that helps you to optimise your sales processes - i.e. all processes that are geared towards increasing your turnover - and thus make them more efficient.

A CRM system is usually part of sales software. CRM means Customer Relationship Management and thus refers to managing the relationship with customers and potential customers. The use of a CRM is that it helps companies track all interactions with customers, which helps them understand better what they expect from their business partners.

Sales software should have a wide range of CRM functionalities - such as contact, activity and campaign management. At the same time, sales modules such as offer, order and invoice should be fully integrated. Sales software thus offers you a 360-degree view of customers and leads.

Sales software is suitable for companies that want to manage and optimise their customer relationships as fine-tuned as possible. This is because the entire purchase cycle can be mapped by means of the software. The size and the industry of the company are not decisive for that.