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eGECKO Payroll for Fast and Correct Payroll

Your data - correct and always up-to-date

One thing less to worry about: For your payroll,
eGECKO provides you with the relevant data any time -
up-to-date and correct.

  • Access to central employee master data
  • Assist employees with data maintenance
  • Standard wage rates and individual remunerations
    always up-to-date

Creating documents? Immediately done!

Of course you know which reports and certificates have to be generated - eGECKO still does it automatically for you.
  • DEÜV and AAG-notifications
  • Wage tax certificate
  • Automatic wage statements in digital personnel file

Special cases and unforeseen events under control

With the flexible eGECKO Payroll you can pull particular time-eaters' tooth

  • Multiple entries and exits per month can be settled
    by means of partial accounting to the day
  • Retroactive settling possible for up to 48 months
  • Partial payments possible with interim settlements
  • Unlimited number of simulated settlements

Payroll accounting as a service

If you want to free yourself from more routine work, no problem - we'll take some of it off your hands.

  • Payroll accounting service: We settle your employees' wages
  • Turn of the year service: We create and send your certificates
  • Certifications: We provide you with your digital documents

Easy integration

During the introduction of eGECKO, CSS AG guarantees maximum security and efficiency. Our project management accompanies the project through all phases.


Things to Know About Payroll

What does payroll mean?

Basically, payroll stands for settlement of wages and salaries. It describes the record of the employee's remuneration, including all taxes and social security contributions. 

What functions does payroll software have?

Payroll software calculates the wages and salaries of your employees and always keeps the complex legal situation under control. It also automates recurring and usually time-consuming processes within payroll accounting.

What if I don't want to handle the payroll for my employees myself?

You have the option to outsource payroll accounting. More and more companies are choosing to do this. The reasons are the complexity and the multitude of legal aspects within payroll. Your employees' remuneration is settled by experts then. They are fit when it comes to the implementation and application of legal changes such as social security, tax laws and standard wage rates.

They are fit when it comes to implementing and applying legal changes such as social insurance, tax laws and tariffs. However, the ability to communicate can be impaired if all the data is with the tax advisor. Our in-house payroll accounting service is a real alternative. Our data center takes care of the entire payroll, the certification system and the maintenance of collective agreements, while you remain able to provide information at all times and can view all data transparently.

How is security maintained within a payroll software?

The ITSG's GKV certificate for payroll accounting guarantees the highest level of security and ease of use. Software awarded this certificate fulfils all requirements for plausibility checks and the automated control of relevant processes within payroll. You benefit from automated processes in payroll accounting, the reporting procedure and data transmission in accordance with DEÜV. The complex data and access protection concept makes sure, that sensible personnel and salary information can only be accessed by authorized persons.