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eGECKO for Internationalisation of Companies

eGECKO offers you all you need for your internationalisation strategy: Whether communication, foreign currency management and numerous localised country versions - eGECKO makes internationalisation easy for you.

Completely translated country versions

Fully standardised accounting

International group consolidation

Support for your expansion abroad

Management of the international group

Intelligent features enable you to effectively manage your international group from a management perspective.  

  • Central master data management
  • Cross-company posting
  • Valuation types, tax law, commercial law, IFRS, US-GAAP
  • Business intelligence reports using BI Cube
  • Key figure reports with freely definable day-specific time filters

Country-specific requirements? No problem!

eGECKO covers country-specific requirements smoothly.

  • Mapping of the local company like a domestic product
  • National law is already integrated and can be flexibly adapted
  • Individual charts of accounts with a common group reporting indicator
  • Depreciation methods and depreciation logic
  • Cost of sale method / total cost method

Communication with tax authorities

Communication with tax authorities abroad is extremely convenient in eGECKO. 

  • Country-specific data transfer and freely definable output in common formats
  • Tax forms
  • Tax book with all tax-relevant data such as tax rates, tax accounts, tax types, etc.
  • The tax rates with validity are freely definable

Communication with banks

eGECKO knows how international banks tick and makes communication easy for you. 

  • Mapping of national payment formats
  • Special connection to various bank accounts
  • Standardised and automated processes
  • Low costs in payment transactions as well as rapid processing of transactions even with increasing business volume
  • Smooth processing for a large number of payment methods, taking into account specific national features
  • High-performance electronic banking also abroad

Language barrier? No chance!

Since eGECKO can find a home everywhere, it also understands a wide variety of languages and fonts.

  • User-oriented and individually switchable language
  • All components - user interface, field help, error messages, data model, reports - are translated
  • Translations of designation fields, auto-texts etc. possible according to company conventions
  • Wide range of fonts supported

Secure investments thanks to international certificates

Renowned international auditing companies are among our partners. The country versions will be certified on request. eGECKO users abroad can therefore be sure that the legal requirements of the respective country are covered.

Strong partners, directly on site

Knowledge transfer, regular workshops and trainings ensure that our certified partners can guarantee the smooth running of your eGECKO application in the international market.


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Get advice and get going Internationally

We would be happy to support you in your internationalisation strategy. Together we will find a solution that optimally fits your requirements.

  • Presentation of product features 
  • Solutions to your challenges
  • Individual advice for you and your team