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Administrate and manage your projects and business tasks in one application, consistently, precisely and effectively.  

ERP - tailored for project service providers

Classic ERP systems often turn out to be oversized for the project business and working with a multitude of isolated solutions is not very efficient. With eGECKO you will find a fully integrated business solution for business project management, which is especially optimised for project service providers.

Mapping the entire process

From beginning to end - from offer to payment - our ERP for project service providers maps the whole process of every project. You can have projects of any size displayed visually and have an overview of the current project status any time, including the mapping of different service phases as well as the standard plan calculation with hourly and external costs.

Efficient project management

Our software supports you in managing your internal and external project resources and employees, including their skills and availability. As a senior executive, you get a convenient company tool that allows you to allocate all costs and expenses for the projects as well as a clear plan/actual comparison on different levels.

Recording of project and working times

In our ERP for project service providers, your employees can record their working and project times in one step. Your employees' travel expenses can also be directly assigned to different projects.

Simple & effective settlement

eGECKO enables you to effectively map and invoice your project activities. Time & material invoices are created directly from the project at the push of a button. Furthermore, our ERP fully supports the processes of down payment demands and final invoicing including tax requirements.


Record all enquiries, create pre-qualifications incl. prices and generate offers directly from them. Other important functions that facilitate your project work are the uncomplicated (one-time) management of master data (addresses & contacts), activities (e-mails, phone calls, etc.), campaigns, offers and categorisations (e.g. ABC, public/private, sector) as well as the assignment of responsibilities.

Project Management

If an order is placed, a project is automatically created from an offer in a standardised and individual process. On the project manager dashboard you receive all important values and key figures from the projects. In addition, you have an overview of invoices and open items here. In project management, you can schedule the tasks of employees with different cost rates (e.g. developer, consultant). This also applies to external costs such as external services, travel expenses or material, which you can order directly from eGECKO. Writing invoices, such as partial invoices and requests, is also possible directly from the project.

Project planning

In project planning, you keep an eye on all the key figures and can drill down to the original document at any stage. The clear distinction between budget, plan and actual values ensures that your projects do not get out of hand. Moreover, direct access to data from Financial Accounting gives you an overview of which services have been invoiced or paid for.

Resource Planning

In the resource reservation you get an overview of the workload per department as well as of individual employees (consultants) per project. Furthermore, you have the possibility to reserve employees - e.g. for the preparation of an offer or the planning of an order - and to schedule them at different cost rates.


By scheduling external services, eGECKO automatically creates an order proposal. Based on the order, our ERP generates an expected entry. This simplifies the subsequent purchase invoice receipt and at the same time serves for budget monitoring. Invoices are entered directly in the purchase invoice book and passed on to an approval workflow for checking.

Work time recording

Our ERP lets you monitor the working hours of project participants and allows you to check at any time whether the distribution has run correctly. Illnesses, holidays and public holidays are automatically taken into account.


Invoices are recorded in a purchase invoice book, and will be displayed in liquidity controlling and project management. Via workflow the project manager then receives a task for checking and direct access to all documents. Afterwards, the invoice is allocated and the costs are distributed to the departments/project parts. This process is additionally documented in eGECKO Project Management to ensure a transparent project process.

Get going digitally

With our ERP software for project service providers, you can handle commercial processes in the project business more effectively than ever, bring everything into a (work) flow and gain valuable time for high-quality project work.