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Tailor-made ERP for health and social care

The tasks of the social and health care system are as complex and multi-faceted as the people who benefit from your support. We would like to relieve you of the burden of documentation obligations and administrative work so that you can devote yourself fully to individual advice and support for people.

eGECKO enables fast, simple and secure wage and salary accounting according to industry-specific collective agreements. This includes an integrated plausibility check, extensive evaluation options as well as evidence and certificates. Our solution also covers the processing of flexi accounts, partial retirement, company pension schemes and pension funds.

eGECKO allows open item accounting from the perspective of the debtor/resident/caregiver/patient. Using predefined reports, you can keep an eye on your KPI and liquidity at all times. Other features are automated payment and reminder procedures, care accounting including balance sheet and income statement, the ELSTER procedure and much more. Group consolidation and cross-client posting are also possible without any problems.

Our software solution can be easily integrated into common industry software for the operative business of nursing homes, meals on wheels, ambulance transport, home emergency calls, rescue services and much more. m. be integrated and connected. These include u. apetito, MediFox, Inter-Bos, COPpro, GODO Systems, ISE, EMC or CareMan.

Whether SEPA transfer, the balance sheet in electronic form (e-balance sheet), the new legislation on the principles of proper management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form and data access (GoBD); we immediately incorporate all legal changes into eGECKO and always keep you up to date.


Personal account with client status

eGECKO offers you comprehensive information about the status of your clients. For example, different payers per debtor can be collected, billed and integrated into the dunning process. The evaluation is possible based on dimensions.


Industry-specific communication

According to your requirements, our software solution includes a report designer for customizing invoices, letterheads, diagrams and much more. For the evaluation, use industry-specific fields such as patient name, transport date, vehicle call name, rescue station tariff number, collective invoice number tariff, transport journey from/to, control center order number, IK number health insurance company, name health insurance company.


Address & member administration

The management of your addresses and members is comprehensive and clear. For example, several addresses can be assigned per contact or contacts can be linked to one another. Comfort functions such as the duplicate and address consistency check, automatic calculations for all new members or evaluations round off the overall package. An integration of all contacts in calendar and e-mails is no problem like the administration of membership fees.


Subsidy administration

The management of subsidies is clear and uncomplicated thanks to eGECKO. You get an optimal overview of your subsidies, for example as a proof of use of funds in accounting, as a special item in asset accounting or for funded projects in cost accounting - transparently traceable by drilling down to the original document.


Donation management

Various donation receipts are available to you in eGECKO's donation management system. For example, one-off donations, donations in kind, project-related donations or membership fees. In addition, donation receipts can only be accumulated over any period of time from a certain contribution amount. The automatic archiving of issued donation receipts is also possible. Various formats such as e-mail, e-mail or print are available to you for issuing your donation receipts.


Organizational structure in cost accounting

Build any number of hierarchies with full transparency across all hierarchy levels. This allows you to identify deviations quickly and clearly at all levels and have full access to plan/actual evaluations, including drilling down to the lowest level.


Get started digitally now

With our ERP software, you can process commercial processes in healthcare and the social economy more effectively than ever, bring everything into a (work) flow and gain valuable time for caring for and promoting people.