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Our payroll service relieves you from the burden of regular payroll accounting and offers you further advantages. 

Outsource Payroll Accounting? Our Payroll Service Makes It Possible

Our payroll service is the solution for you if you would like to outsource your payroll accounting and would appreciate more security in your HR management. Your advantages at a glance:

Stability and transparency
in all costs

No hardware investment 

No additional
staff cost

Safety from
staff absences


Payroll Accounting in the flow: Our offer at a glance

Payroll Accounting service

We settle your employees' wage

Use our Payroll Accounting service to prepare your payroll and relieve yourself of your routine work. We are fit when it comes to the implementation and application of legal changes such as social security, tax laws and standard wage rates - benefit from our expertise for a cost-efficient, legally compliant and thus high quality payroll accounting.

Turn of the year service

We create and send your certificate

Among others we take care of generating and providing the annual and insurance accident remuneration reports, wage tax certificates, annual payroll accounts and their archiving.

Digital certificate management

We provide you with your digital document

Benefit from our service for the preparation of various certificates in electronic form as well as on paper. Also entrust us with the dispatch of all statements and certificates!

Automatic maintenance of standard wage rates

We take care of constantly updating of standard wage rates

Manual and error-prone updating of standard wage rates is a thing of the past: Leave the maintenance of standard wage system for numerous sectors to us. This will not only save you a lot of time, but you will always have the updated standard rates available for your calculations. The standard wage type catalogues for the standard wage system of the public services, social services and health care are maintained automatically:

  • TVöD VKA
  • TVöD Bund
  • Federal Employees' Collective Agreement in Church Version BAT-KF
  • DRK Reform Collective Agreement
  • TV-L AVR
  • Caritas

And this is how external payroll accounting works in the cloud

If you want to outsource payroll accounting, your payroll documents are transferred to the cloud of our payroll accounting center (LAZ) and processed from there. The LAZ cloud is a self-contained and login-protected area for each customer where data can be securely stored and exchanged. Advantages of the LAZ cloud:


Regulated exchange of documents.


Elimination of emails and file attachments.


Professional solution for more data security. 

Advice on the payroll service

We are happy to support you if you would like to outsource your payroll accounting. Tell us your wishes and we will get back to you with a proposal.