Where to Summer? Vacation not far from Home


It is still May, and some might be already craving Summer vacation. But for most, time may as well be a constraint and flying to Spain, Italy or Greece could be a few kilometres too far, or crowded with tourists. A simple solution would be to turn home into a stunning vacation spot. And by home, I mean Germany’s natural beauties.

Vacation time may be exciting and relaxing on one hand but it can also be expensive and rather disappointing if not well planned. Nature, however, never lets one down and could become the perfect refuge for anyone wishing to get away from big cities. There is no need to fly across the continent when natural wonders are plenty around the country and may be reached by train or car in a matter of hours.

Königssee, for instance, a natural lake in the extreme Southeast of Bavaria attracts many hikers who are drawn by the crystal clear water and the idyllic scenery provided by the mountains, St Bartholomä church and the village nearby. Not far away and still in the South of Bavaria, tourists are attracted to Füssen for its proximity to the famous architectural wonder of the castle Neuschwanstein. In Baden-Wüttenberg, you might consider a visit to the Black Forest and imagine yourself in one of the Bothers Grimm fairytales, but also enjoy a relaxing day at a spa in Baden-Baden or buy a cuckoo clock.

The Palatine Forest in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate offers many landscape symbols and interesting legends with The Hinterweidenthal Devil's Table. The biosphere reserve of Spreewald in the state of Brandenburg is a picturesque landscape shaped by the ice age but with promises of a wonderful Summer. Or the water eroded Elbe Sandstone Mountains in the Saxon Switzerland National Park in Saxony which offer a privileged view from its bridge.

Every state in Germany has something naturally beautiful to offer the pickiest and most avid travellers and the best of all is that it all lies in a comfortable distance and the pleasure of being in nature. If your original plans seem overpriced or might lead to stress rather than your well deserving tranquility, consider embracing what Germany has to offer and fall in love once again with its magical landscapes. Have a nice trip!