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Profit from the product variety of eGECKO Accounting for all your business processes.

eGECKO Accounting Software

eGECKO Financial Accounting supports your daily handling of commercial business processes in a practice-oriented manner. Benefit from the very high degree of coverage and the functional depth of the core module. Easy operation and high efficiency ensure rapid execution of your routine work. Besides balance sheets and profit and loss statements, comprehensive evaluations, ratios and liquidity analyses ensure optimum transparency and high security of your business decisions.

  • Recording of documents with booking templates
  • Recurring entries and automated distinctions
  • Demands and advance payments
  • Cash ledger
  • Central regulators and remittance advice via EDIfact
  • Digital Account Statement Manager (Electronic Banking)
  • Foreign currency and foreign payments
  • Commercial credit insurance

eGECKO Asset Accounting Software

Asset Accounting as a subledger of eGECKO Accounting is an integral part of financial and cost accounting. Invoice receipts of financial cccounting can be booked directly in asset accounting. This ensures that primary and secondary ledgers are always coordinated.

  • Extensive valuation types
  • Full integration for clear booking processes
  • Automated booking of cash discounts
  • Automated ingestion into templates

eGECKO Group Management Software

eGECKO Group Management accompanies you through the entire process of individual financial statements with the use of valuation types (IFRS, US-GAAP, etc.), receivables and debt consolidation, expense and income and capital consolidation to consolidated financial statements in foreign currency

  • Effective accounting with integrated group management
  • Consolidation Lights

eGECKO Contract Management Software

Contracts are the foundation of business relationships and every day new agreements are added. The more complex the relationships are, the harder it becomes to keep track of conditions and deadlines. Without the support of a flexible contract management software system, unnecessary costs for your company, for example because of missed deadlines or time-consuming processing, may be incurred.

  • Contract explorer
  • Evaluations
  • Schedule management
  • Appointment notifications

eGECKO Invoice Receipt Workflow

The processing and lawful storage of invoices and credits are part of the daily operations of a company. Use eGECKO for GoBD-conform archiving, which is preceded by invoice receipt workflow including ZUGFeRD, scanning and OCR recognition for all input forms. This allows for completely secure and transparent processes for the entire invoicing process: from the receipt document to payment.

eGECKO Document Archive Software

eGECKO Archive offers you a more convenient way to archive all types of documents: customer invoices, contracts, printed reports as well as incoming documents such as supplier invoices, delivery notes, orders, fuel-cost receipts, entertainment receipts and much more.

  • Integrated document storage
  • Archiving of bank statements

eGECKO E-Balance Software

Since January 1, 2013, companies must send their business data in electronic form to the tax office. The tax authorities' constantly-updated requirements are confusing for many companies. Where originally balance sheets as well as profit-and-loss statements were required, today you might need to file up to 20 reports in electronic form. eGECKO covers this in full.

  • Not only E-Balance
  • XBRL Tax Type

eGECKO meets all requirements stipulated for a modern accounting system

We have supported companies of all sizes and in all industries for over 30 years. Because of this, we know exactly where problems in accounting interfaces arise. eGECKO was created as a holistic software solution based on a central data repository, and functions without interface retrieval. As a result, commercial processes are more efficient than ever.

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